Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to make a 3R size image

Firstly run the computer. After that moves mouse ponter on “Adobe photoshop” icon and double click left button of mouse. After some time, open photoshop work area. Then open an image from your computer or take a photograph by digital camera (or mobile camera). Now click crop tool from toolbox. Afterwards mouse pointer on the image and drag the image and press left button according likely. Now click file from menubar and command new (or Ctrl + N from keyboard). As result show a new dialoguebox. Please slect here image name in namebox and Width-5 inches, Height-3.5inches, Resulation-300 pixels/inch. This measurments make for a width image, or  Width-3.5 inches, Height-5inches, Resulation-300 pixels/inch. This measurments make for a tall image. After that press ok.As a result show a blank document. Now click move tool from toolbox and move carsor on image . Afterwards drag the image to blank document. Now select “Ctrl + T” from keyboard. As a result create anchor point around the image. Press and hold left button on anchor point and drag the image according purpose. Afterwards go to menubar and click image. Now get down adjustment from image and command curves (press Ctrl + M) from popup menu. Show curves dialoguebox. Press and hold left button on curves cross line and drag for good image. Press- ok. Once more command “Color Balance” (or press Ctrl + B) from adjustment menu. Show color balance dialogue box. Look here 3bars; 1st Cyan, 2nd Magenda and 3rd Yellow. Drag the bars one by one likely and press- ok. Once more click “Brightness/Contrast” under color balance popup menu and show dialoguebox. Look here 2bars; 1st Brightness and 2nd Contrast. Drag the bars one by one for increase- decrease lightness. After that click “Hue/saturation” (or press Ctrl + U) from adjustment. As a result show dialoguebox. Look here 3bars; 1st Hue,2nd Saturation and 3rd Lightness. Drag the bars for getting nice image and press – ok. Finally go back file menu and command save. As a result show save dialoguebox. Select here “JPEG/JPG” format and click save. Now finish the process a 3R image.

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